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About the color of grey cells by Anshuma Kshetrapal

Dedicated to creative arts psychotherapy, this page is about how the arts have healing power and can bring about physical, emotional and mental well-being.
Stories, dancing, group enactments, play, ritual, poetry, painting, scribbling, expressing.. these have all been part of the healing traditions around the world since ancient times. Today, we find ourselves distant from these creative modalities that help heal, express and understand ourselves better. The Color of Grey Cells, founded by Anshuma Kshetrapal (M.A. Psychology, M.A. Drama and Movement Therapy) is an attempt to bring back the inherent creative self-expression in psychotherapy. Why limit oneself to express only through words…

Creative arts therapy uses drama, movement and visual art towards self-awareness and harnessing the healing potential within ourselves. The body holds a lot of emotions too. Working with the body can allow us to tap into our unconscious processes and bring it into consciousness. This way, the nexus of the mind and body can work to bring about physical, emotional and mental well being. In this way, creative arts therapy can help us to:
• Integrate emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially
• Develop conflict resolving skills, inter personal skills, reduce stress and increase self awareness
• Become more aware of our bodies and the space around it, harnessing our natural patterns of movement and thought.

We are all containers of myriad stories; our personal ones and the parts we play in the stories of others.  The experiential work is based on the Sesame method (UK) that combines Drama and movement therapy. The therapy invites participants to look within, discover and explore their own story through word, ritual theatre and movement in order to relate and connect with the collective unconscious.
The sessions aim to allow an exploration of the Self, in terms of the roles one takes on and how they manifest those roles further in work and relationships. This equips one with a better understanding of the power of stories and how to use them in different settings for awareness and healing.

Jung writes that, “The whole of mythology could be taken as a sort of projection of the collective unconscious”. The images, motifs and symbols that arise from myths transcend cultural barriers and occur universally, repeatedly throughout history. These inherited psychic elements which express themselves through the metaphor of mythology, are called archetypes. The conscious presentation of the archetype is through stories, dreams, fantasies or visions. Sesame’s oblique approach to psychological processes, i.e. through myth, movement, enactment and drama gives these archetypes a mirror. Thus, through storytelling, listening, making and enacting, through words, sound, movement and mindfulness, one can attain an awareness of the roles we play, consciously and unconsciously in our lives.

Creative arts therapy works with groups and individuals. It is for everyone; for those of us who are concerned with mental health difficulties, those of us who face stress and want to develop skillsets and for those who want to embark on a journey towards mindfulness and self-awareness. Come experience your colors. 

Ph: +91 9910144462, 011-26418169

Anshuma Kshetrapal_CV


M.A. in Drama and Movement therapy 
Trained in a variety of skills such as using movement with touch and sound to work with non-verbal clients as well as working with stories and movement as an indirect approach to trauma. Trained in listening skills and using analytical psychology with drama, movement and art therapy. Conducted over 120 supervised sessions (groups and individuals) in different organisations.


Certification of Foundation Course in Expressive Arts Therapy 
Recognised by the International Dance Council, Paris


Masters in Psychosocial Clinical Studies 
Awarded merit based scholarships for all semesters.


B.A. Journalism Honors

Creative Arts Psychotherapist
  • Ashiana Network, Refuge for women, 2014/2015 London- Designed and executed weekly drama therapy interventions for refugees from South East Asia who had fled their homes because of domestic violence for a period of 26 weeks
  • MIND in Camden, 2014/2015 London- Consulted individual patients as part of their wellbeing programs in the nationwide mental health charity and ran weekly open group dramatherapy workshops for clients with a range of mental health difficulties
  • TCES, North west London independent school - 2014/2015, London – Co- Facilitated a group of adolescents and conducted sessions for individuals with Behavioural Emotional Social Difficulties as well as those on the autistic spectrum
  • Kings Cross Hospital, Jules Thorne Recovery Center, 2014, London – Facilitated an open group for clients with mental health difficulties such as Asperger’s, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, clinical depression and other diagnosed conditions
  • Oakleigh School, 2014, London – Co -Facilitated a small group children with profound and multiple learning disabilities who were wheel chair bound and also had visual and hearing impairments
  • Gubalala and Shishu Mandir,  2012 Bangalore- Completed 18 hours of supervised work as a Creative Arts Therapist with specialised groups such as children with ADHD and adolescents regarded as delinquents     
Workshops for diverse audiences and panels
  • Winds of Change’, a special ed. school, 2012 Bangalore 2012 Conducted a dance therapy summer workshop for a batch of 20 specially abled children
  • Central Board of Educational Institute (CBSE) – Govt. of India, 2012 New Delhi - Worked with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Jitendra Nagpal in conducting workshops and conferences such as, the increase of aggression and violence in the children of today in collaboration with Child Development and Adolescent Health Centre (CDAHC) and the First International Life Skills, School Health and Well Being Summit
  • DAV Schools, New Delhi – Designed and conducted experiential workshops for 75 school creative art teachers, from 13 schools in using the art form to help children in their schools
Volunteer work
  • Dil Se’, 2008 New Delhi -  Undertook  the responsibility of holding dance workshops and English classes for 200 plus children in various residential centres for children in difficult circumstances
  • Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health and Sciences (VIMHANS), 2009 , New Delhi -Interned at the Daycare Centre and the IPD; main responsibilities included taking charge of conducting activities for the patients and writing case histories, conducting various tests and observer ship of severe cases
  • Worked with Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, psychiatrist at Moolchand Hospital,  2010 New Delhi as a creative arts therapy consultant, taking case histories, observing cases and planning creative arts interventions


  • Content Writer , Veda Informatics, 2012, New Delhi -  Worked as a Quality Analysis Manager for Veda Informatics, which   involved writing, project management, supervising, SEO (search engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization) and client interfacing
  • Brand Associate , Leo Burnett , 2008 New Delhi – Responsible for client and studio communication, handling accounts of GM Corporate and Bharat BPO as Brand Associate
  • Brand Associate, Ogilvy & Mather, 2007, New Delhi – Account manager for top clients such as Vodafone for the Punjab and Rajasthan circles
  • Radio Jockey, Radio One, 2007, New Delhi

  • RCSSD 2015, London - The Hidden One - An exploration of the embodiment of trauma in women from South East Asia who are survivors of domestic violence through Drama and Movement Therapy (Cultural aspects of domestic violence and how drama and movement therapy can work with the body and trauma in such cases
  • Ambedkar 2012, New Delhi  - Online Identity: How the social media is shaping our identities as seen through a Psychoanalytic lens
  • KNC, 2008, Delhi University - Gendered Advertising: Qualitative Research on changing gender roles and their portrayal in advertising

  • Professional Dancer trained in Jazz, contemporary, Bharatnatyam and Kathak
  • Interests: Writing, reading, dramatics, video blogging and travelling

Ph: +91 9910144462, 011- 26418169

Anshuma Kshetrapal_Drama and Movement Therapist_Bio

Anshuma Kshetrapal is a practicing Drama and Movement therapist, holding an M.A. in Drama and Movement Therapy from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London and an MA in Psycho-social Clinical Studies from Ambedkar University, Delhi. She is also a certified Mental Health Council Professional of the National Health Services, UK and has completed a Foundation Course in Creative Arts Therapy from SMART Bangalore, which is recognised by the International Dance Council, Paris . 

Having over 6 years of experience as a trauma counsellor, Anshuma worked with adult mental health clients with a range of presenting difficulties in specialised Hospitals, hospices and nursing homes in Delhi, Bangalore and London. Her work experience includes working with MIND, a UK wide mental health charity in London as a Dramatherapist seeing individual clients and running specialised groups for clients with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. 

However as a journalism graduate from Delhi University and an ex activist for social causes, she finds herself most drawn to working with the normal – neurotic population that has been victim to social trauma, especially gender-based violence. She did extensive work as a drama and movement therapist in Ashiana, a refuge for south Asian women who have suffered from domestic abuse, in London. She still works as a consulting arts therapist with Ashiana, helping the refuge design art curriculums that can include creative arts therapy based interventions. Along with that she completed a sustained independent project that focused on the cultural aspects of domestic violence and how drama and movement therapy can work with the body and trauma in such cases.

Since 2010 Anshuma has also consistently worked with children. She has worked with the Dil Se Campaign in Delhi, Shishu Mandir and Winds of Change, Bangalore and The Oakleigh School and NWLIS, TCE Schools, London wherein she has worked with movement with touch and sound to do non verbal work with children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities or those on the autism spectrum with behavioral difficulties. 

Anshuma has always been passionate about the arts. She began her dance training at the age of five and uses her training in Jazz, contemporary, Bharatnatyam and Kathak within her work as a movement therapist. It was this passion and her love for psychology that drove Anshuma to Drama and Movement Therapy.  Now, having been trained in psychoanalytic, humanistic and Jungian analytical psychology, she has an eclectic approach to drama and movement therapy in which she uses drama techniques, movement exercises, dream work, myths, fairytales as well as visual art to work with the nexus of the body and psyche.